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Blade & Soul: Revolution, Netmarble’s martial arts MMO, launches in SEA on May 14th


Blade & Soul: Revolution launches globally on May 14th. It’s now available for installation on the App Store. Here’s a link to its Google Play page.

You can create various character designs in the game which features a heavy customization system allowing you to create a truly unique avatar of your own, which if you didn’t know, are all based on the legendary illustrator, Hyung Tae Kim’s aesthetic designs.

There are four kinds of jobs in the game: inspector, warrantor, historian, and technicians. The game aims to achieve the same deep combat and combo system the original PC version has. There are more than 30 kinds of weapons available to you to master.

As most people know, Blade and Soul: Revolution is extremely heavy on monetization (AKA cash shop items), look out for our review in the coming weeks!

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