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Champions you SHOULD be playing in patch 10.10


League of Legends: With the new patch buffing a couple of non-meta champions, there are a bunch of champions not mentioned that you SHOULD be playing in your solo queue journey.

Top Lane: Kled

Perhaps the nastiest yordle in top lane (Sorry Teemo)

Q – Beartrap on a Rope

  • Cooldown increased from 9/8.5/8/7.5/7 seconds ⇒ 11/10/9/8/7 seconds

With the nerf to his early game Q cooldown, kled can take a small beating early game but can still dish out pain once his Q is maxed.


Recommended runes


General Build

Jungle: Graves

Apparently he quit smoking

Graves is still a really strong pick considering the utility he provides with his smokescreen and incredibly flexible itemisations. Allowing him to play either a more bruiser build or a lethality burst build depending on the matchup.

Though be warned, if your new to jungling we recommend not picking him in ranked and practice a couple rounds in normals first.


Recommended Runes for Lethality Graves
Recommended Runes for Bruiser Graves


Bruiser/Crit Build
Lethality/Squishy Build

Situational items

Mid Lane: Diana

Still really really really strong

Base Stats

  • Health decreased from 594 to 570
  • Attack Damage decreased from 57.04 to 57

Who are we kidding, this nerf isn’t going to stop Diana from pressing R to one-shot your teammates. It’s better for us to be on the side of the one pressing R to win so we recommend you give her a go.


Recommended Runes


Recommended Build

Bot Lane: Ashe

Baby’s first ADC

An underused and possibly underrated ADC/Marksman, Ashe is seeing great winrates in Gold and above elo. We recommend trying her out in the case that Miss Fortune is banned.


Recommended Runes


Recommended Build

Support: Nautilus

A great “hooker” in the bot lane

Nautilus’ great kit gives him a strong amount of crowd control, survivablity, utility and “hooking” potential. His forgiving Q hitbox makes it easier to land compared to the likes of Blitzcrank or Thresh.
His on hit root also grants immense potential in a teamfight letting him land a interrupt on every enemy champion.


Recommended Runes


Recommended Build

That’s it for champions you should play in League of Legends patch 10.10, look out for our TFT comps you should be playing guide.

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