Diving into CSGO SEA hacking scene


Diving into CSGO SEA hacking scene

There are times when you’re in a CS:GO match and you have a good feeling that the enemy team is using cheats or hacks. It’s because you were directly HE Naded or molotov’ed and getting shot through the wall.

But there is more depth to these hackers/cheaters, you might have heard of them before. HvH or Hack versus Hack cheaters, tired of stomping (with cheats) on the regular folk in matchmaking.

I had the chance to talk to one of these cheaters whom i’ve met during a CS:GO match. He went by the alias of “finn”, and he gave me some insights about the HvH scene in Southeast Asia.

Finn showed me that he has taken on the task of developing his own hack/cheat, named “fuchill” which was a project started by a developer named “K”. Though I tried to contact “K”, he was unavailable for a comment.

What are the differences between HvH and hacking in prime matchmaking?

Hacking in prime matchmaking is more about playing against other legitimate players and masking your cheats from the Overwatch system. Thus, sometimes it’s inevitable to lose a few matches.

Whereas in HvH, you can exploit the game engine to it’s limits to give you an edge over the enemy hacker.

Can you explain to me how you got into cheating?

When I first started, I was just looking for a skin changer to play in matchmaking as I didn’t have any money to buy skins.

Then, I saw that this cheat called “penguware” has a working skin changer and it only cost me a fraction of the money for a knife.

Since I got banned eventually, I started going onto HvH community servers to play on.

What do you think of the trust factor system?

I find that it works in separating “rage” hackers who blatantly cheat or use anti-aim, from those who cheat discreetly.

When you create a new account and start raging in competitive matchmaking, you will start to play against other hackers till you get banned.

How did you get into developing your own cheat?

At first I didn’t have any knowledge in game development so I just went on unknowncheats and downloaded a cheat source code and modified it.

From then on, I started to have an interest in coding and making cheats thus leading me to start writing my own code.

Are there any HvH/cheater communities in SEA that you are apart of?

Yes there are a couple of private discords and servers that we play on. There is not a big community in SEA compared to Europe or North America.

I asked if he could invite me to one discord to take a look.

These communities are primarily teenagers, as young as 12/13 exposed to content such as cheating, software cracking, and other hacking activities. 

From here, I learned that cheating in CS:GO was a gateway to other forms of hacking for these people. There were some people who knew pentesting and were capable of writing DDoS scripts to take down other cheater/hacker’s router. 

People from countries such as Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia who all had an active involvement in the HvH scene in SEA.

It is unknown what Valve is planning on doing about these communities exploiting the game for profit/fun.

Kenny Ng

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