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Dragon Raja SEA Beginner’s Guide


Comprehensive guide on all you need to know about Dragon Raja SEA

Credits: Dragon Raja SEA

With over 2 million pre-registrations, Dragon Raja SEA mobile is set to be one of the most highly anticipated mobile MMORPGS!

Release Date: Dragon Raja will officially launch in SEA on May 27th 9 am (GMT + 7). You can pre-register on Google Play and the App store now!

Here are some important links for you to know:

Right, now on to the beginner’s guide for Dragon Raja SEA.

Minimum Specs

Before playing, check if your device can run Dragon Raja!

Credits: Dragon Raja SEA

Character Customisation

Dragon Raja’s powerful character customisation allows you a wide range of freedom on how your character looks.

With 3 options between, Male, Female and Lolita, there is a wide variety of looks for everyone.

Here’s a small clip on what Dragon Raja has to offer.

In Dragon Raja, absolutely 100%💯 customization system will satisfy all your needs of being chic! Want to create a cute…

Posted by Dragon Raja SEA on Saturday, April 18, 2020
Credits: Dragon Raja SEA

100% customization system in Dragon Raja SEA will not only satisfy your needs for beautiful appearances💇🏼💇🏼but also meet…

Posted by Dragon Raja SEA on Wednesday, April 22, 2020
Credits: Dragon Raja SEA

Choosing your Class

One of the most important choices in the game is choosing which class you will play. Dragon Raja offers 4 unique classes to choose from, with more to come.

Here we have compiled a list of classes available from launch, so you can choose which class suits you the best.

Blade Master

Credits: Dragon Raja SEA

A melee class, the Blade Master plays as a Tank as well as a Melee DPS. The Blade Master also has multiple crowd control skills which are useful in PvP. They serve as the game’s go-to Tank class.


Credits: Dragon Raja SEA

Gunslingers are high-tech combatants who specialise in ranged DPS, they have access to a multitude of weapons apart from guns such as artillery strikes, landmines and invisibility fields. This class is suitable for those who like to be a ranged dps.


Credits: Dragon Raja SEA

The Assassin is a DPS class which has both Melee and Ranged skills. They are focused on mobility and evasiveness and are extremely capable in PVE.

Soul Dancer

Credits: Dragon Raja SEA

This class is one of the most unique classes in Dragon Raja, being able to be built as a Support Type or a DPS mage. The Soul Dancer has a wide variety of skills ranging from Armour Break which cause enemies to be vulnerable, buffs, heals and crowd control.

Though, don’t fret if you do not like the class you picked as there is an option to change class once you’re in the game!

Getting started with Quests

Right after creating your character, the game drops you into a cinematic sequence and a short tutorial battle on basic controls.

It’s recommended to continue on the main quests before doing anything. For those who get lost or are not sure where to find the quests, you can press on the quest markers on the left side of the screen.

If you don’t skip the cutscenes during the quests, you can customise your character’s personality through the guided dialogue.

Events and Dailies


Once you are level 20, you will unlock player dailies. Then continue on your main quest till you are level 35 on day 1.

From this point on, try to collect 150 pts of gift from your dailies tab.

It is recommended not to spend any diamonds to buy gear till at least level 50.

You can also transfer colored stats to a new piece of gear which is higher tiered, so try to keep some of your better gear before disassembling them.

Make friends!

Credits: Dragon Raja SEA

Dragon Raja rewards extra benefits to players in a team or when you gift others. Try to do your quests with your guild members and in team of 5s.

Dragon Raja encourages players to take part in the social aspects of the game. The in-game gifting and crafting system requires certain goods and items that are required for upgrades.

Though certain items you need can only be crafted by specific classes, so you will need your friends to help you craft them.



If you’re unfamiliar with MMORPGS, stats represent your character’s ability to do damage, tank and ability cooldowns.

In Dragon Raja, there are certain primary stats that each class should focus on. These primary stats are marked by a yellow “M” when you view your profile.

These are the 5 base stats in Dragon Raja.


Constitution represents your character’s defense, mainly your health, physical defense, magic defense.


Strength represents your character’s physical abilities. Strength mainly increases ability power and health.


Intelligence represents your character’s magic damage.  Intelligence increases health, magical attack and multistrike.


Dexterity represents your character’s agility and skill. Dexterity is usually favoured by ranged classes, and increases your character’s critical hits and magic/physical attacks.


Insight is a unique stat that is used by magic classes. Insight increases health, magical and physical attack, ability power and cooldown reduction.

Do note that each class benefits more from certain stats than others.

Each class also has a specific element which boosts their damage.

Assassin – earth

Blade master – fire

Gunslinger – wind

Soul dancer – water



The Core is a way of increasing your power rating by placing gems in it. If you are diligent in maximising your gems, you can have a very high power rating.

Leveling up your core gives you more power rating. All your gems need to be the exact same level else your core level will mirror your lowest gem level.

Optimising Skills

Skill Tab

Credits: Miss Maven Youtube Channel

You can customise which skills you take with you into battle as well as customising the skill order in AUTO combat.

Talent Tab

Credits: Miss Maven Youtube Channel

You can unlock talents which give more specialisation to the classes you are playing.

EX Tab

Credits: Miss Maven Youtube Channel

Additional skills which are shared among other classes.

Plan Tab

Credits: Miss Maven Youtube Channel

Here you can prepare your skill combinations for different scenarios.

Sigil Tab

Credits: Miss Maven Youtube Channel

Sigils give various stat boosts, which can be obtained through events and club contribution.


That’s all we have for now, keep updated with this page for more information when the game releases!

Credits: Dragon Raja SEA

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