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Dragon Raja SEA is officially released! | Quickstart Guide


The highly anticipated Dragon Raja is now released for SEA

Dragon Raja has now been officialy released, Dragon Raja is an open world MMORPG filed with multitudes of PVE and PVP content for the mobile phone. With a choice from 4 different classes and more to come, in addition to a comprehensive social career system. There’s something for everyone be it socialising or grinding away in dungeons.

Download the game here:

Check out our Quickstart guide below! We’ve included some CDKeys and vital information.

Ultimate Dragon Raja’s Beginner Guide Click Here

Quickstart Guide

Creating a new Character

When you first log in, you will be prompted to choose a class. For help on which class to play, check out our Beginner’s Guide.

From there, you can customise your Character’s appearance! Don’t worry about choosing a name as you will get to there soon.

You can also use an invitation code from your friend at the bottom left

Here are our invitation codes:

  • YXG7CZY4

Choosing a Name

Once you created your character, you can start to choose your name.

After choosing your name, you can enter the CDKeys in the settings page.

Here are the CDKeys available:


We recommend changing your graphic settings before you continue.

We recommend setting HFR (High Frame Rate to Ultimate/V) and if your device can handle it, setting graphics to III and above for the best experience.

That’s it! Enjoy your time in the world of Dragon Raja.

If you want to play with me, you can add me “Aspect” in S7.

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