NEW: Valorant officially launches on June 2nd with SEA servers included


SEA servers are included in this launch

Credits: Riot Games

Valorant is Riot Games’ new competitive 5v5 character based shooter. Described as having the pros of a tactical shooter like Counter Strike and the versatility of abilities like in Overwatch.

This page will be updated with all relevant information before the launch!

We have compiled a list of everything you need to know before the servers officially launch below:


Credit: Riot Games YouTube Channel

Valorant will be releasing with around 10 characters each having four unique abilities, two of which you have to buy with money earned between rounds. In addition to buying guns and armour.

Though, don’t be too alarmed as the abilities are designed as a complement to the gunplay and rounds will still be decided by who has the better aim and game sense.

Credits: Riot Games


Riot has stated that they plan to have at least 10 characters ready for it’s official launch.

  • Sova – Fires magic arrows that penetrate walls and can travel clear across the map and deal big damage.
  • Phoenix – Can curve flashbangs around corners.
  • Cypher – A defensive powerhouse who can lay tripmines and stick a camera to a wall to watch for flanking attacks.
  • Jett – Can leap into the air and throw knives for quick, surprise kills.
  • Viper – Can unleash poison clouds that blind enemies or zone them into a deadly ambush.
  • Brimstone – Calls in orbital bombardments that either help friends or obliterate enemies.
  • Sage – Valorant’s resident medic can heal or revive allies.
  • Omen – A shifty rogue who can get behind enemy lines or temporarily blind them.
  • Breach – A seismic force that disorients enemies and ignores the boundaries of walls.
  • Raze – An explosive expert that can roots out enemies with cluster grenades.


Valorant has a fair number of parallels to Counter Strike, with the guns packing a fair punch. Headshots will almost always be a one-hit kill, while most rifles will kill characters with three to four shots to the torso.

  • Sidearms – Classic (base pistol), Shorty (sawed-off shotgun), Frenzy (auto pistol), Ghost (silenced pistol), Sheriff (revolver)
  • SMGs – Stinger (high fire-rate), MP4 (silenced SMG)
  • Shotguns – Bucky (pump action), Judge (automatic)
  • Rifles – Bulldog (burst), Guardian (DMR), Phantom (silenced carbine), Vandal (AK-47)
  • Sniper Rifles – Marshal (Scout), Operator (AWP)
  • Heavies – Ares (LMG), Odin (HMG)
  • Melee – Tactical knife


Riot has developed a new kernel-level anticheat system that it says should make most common forms of hacking impossible, making Valorant extra secure against aimhacks.

Riot is also using server technology developed for League of Legends with the aim of providing a consistently lag-free experience. Dedicated servers for each region will run with a 128 tickrate, which should result in more responsive ballistics and character movement. For reference, CS:GO’s matchmaking uses 64 tick servers, while Apex Legends appears to be as low as 20.

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