Hidden Reyna nerf caused by a bug in patch 1.03 update


Reyna mains have felt something off about her “Devour” Ability

VALORANT‘s duelist powerhouse, Reyna, was unintentionally nerfed by a hidden bug pointed out by a Reddit user.

Reyna’s ‘Q’ – Devour: use the Soul Orb mechanic (when Reyna gets a kill) to self-heal very fast.

Reyna was able to use Devour right after killing an enemy.

But after this bug, this ability will not work if she did not have a direct line of sight with the Soul Orb.

An example would be: once Reyna activates her heal and breaks line of sight with the Soul Orb, she will lose the rest of the healing.

One of Riot Games Game Designer responded to the Reddit thread, explaining the situation.

He claimed that this was not part of Riot Games plans and they will fix it with the next Patch 1.04.

Though, other players have differing opinions and wish to see the Reyna nerf be officially added to the game.

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