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How I finally reached Mythical Glory


After playing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang for 2 years, I finally reached Mythical Glory.

Take note that I am a casual player and did not have any prior MOBA experience. Here are some tips that helped me reach mythical glory.

Credits: MLBB

Tip 1: Don’t worry too much about win rate

For those who have never played, mobile games or any MOBAs. PLEASE take your time and don’t feel pressured to “up win rate”. As long as you are constantly improving and having a good mind set, you will definitely improve in the long run.

I recommend you not to compare yourself to smurfers and play at your own pace.

Tip 2: Main one role but be flexible to play supportive roles.

Many people will say that the best way to climb is with a “carry role” and I agree with them. IF you are confident with your mechanics, positioning and knowledge of the game.

Don’t force yourself to play difficult heroes/flashy heroes and focus on getting good at a few core heroes.

Tip 3: Get the basics down right

Credits: MLBB wiki

The core mechanics of the game such as Map Awareness, priotising objective such as towers and turtles/lord, how to use your hero to it’s full potential.

Getting these perfect will put you ahead of 80% of the players in Mobile Legends.

If you don’t have this core knowledge of positioning, map awareness and hero mechanics. It is not like you can’t reach mythical glory but you will have a harder time staying there.

Tip 4: Have a positive mentality/attitude

It’s really infuriating to have people who just pick heroes which are meta even though they are not good at them.

Just play your best and don’t bother with flaming them, use your pings and quick message to direct them properly.

Always try to be the best player in a losing team, and play efficiently. Who knows, an unwinnable game might become an epic comeback!

Tip 5: Form a team of three players

Trios in ranked have a major advantage over duos/solos and even five men. You can coordinate well with your team mates and get to face against uncoordinated duos/solos.

And these trios don’t have to be your friends, try to get people who have the same goals with you.

If you are serious about the game and want to improve, there might be a conflict of interest with other less serious players.

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