How to get Valorant’s battle pass


Players have been wondering where is the battle pass?

Riot has released their own version of the battle pass for the launch of Valorant.

There is a free version for everyone but to get the full rewards you’ll have to upgrade to the premium battle pass.

The more you play, the more rewards you get with Valorant’s battle pass. In total, it takes roughly 100 hours to complete, with XP scaling up on a week by week basis. The first week offers 28,350 total XP and the last requires 60,750 total XP. This means you should easily be able to complete the battle pass without having to grind endlessly. 

Credits: Riot Games

The battle pass offers sprays, gun buddies, and titles at first. Over time, however, weapon skins—including a knife skin—will become available.

Where to buy the battle pass

The premium version of the battle pass costs 1,000 VALORANT points or around $10 in North America. To purchase the battle pass, log in and navigate to the star icon at the top left of your client. If you hover over it, it should say “Ignition: Act 1.”

Click it, look for the premium upgrade option, and press buy. This should automatically activate your battle pass.

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