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How to unlock Lillia for free in patch 10.14

Lilia Splash

Players can save 7,800 Blue Essence by getting Lillia’s Haiku

League of Legend‘s latest champion is a magical half-fawn Jungler prancing around Summoner’s Rift.

Riot Games has added a way to get Lillia for free by completing a quest. This can save you precious Blue Essence and Riot Points.

Completing the quest will give you Lillia’s Haiku, and in turn unlocking the champion.

There’s a list of requirements you need to tick off for Lillia’s Haiku, according to reports from multiple players.

Credits: ThePotatoWard

Requirements for Lillia’s Haiku

Credits: Riot Games

In order to obtain Lillia’s Haiku, players who earn 350 takedowns in the Jungle role will be granted the item.

Riot counts both kills and assists as takedowns and requires that you run smite for these kills to count.

You must also be playing on one of these game modes Normal Blind Pick, Ranked Flex, Ranked Solo/Duo, Co-Op vs AI (Any Difficulty).

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