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League of Legends 10.11 hotfix


Volibear’s underwhelming power pushes riot to release a hotfix buff

League of Legends: Riot’s lackluter rework of Volibear has pushed players to demand a buff.

According to stat-tracking website U.GG, the bear debuted with an abysmal 39.37% win rate.

Riot champion designer Nathan ‘Lutzburg’ Lutz spearheading the hotfix, says “Riot has hopes the “small” 10.11 changes will “increase [player] satisfaction and baseline power” for the bear across all Summoner’s Rift roles.

His win rate is still climbing for players in the ‘skilled play’ bracket. The Q move speed buff should help players hit W2 more often. We’re still confident that the mechanic is fun, healthy, and adds good gameplay, and tension.”

According to regularly-updated stats website Lolalytics, the Thunder’s Roar is now sitting on a hefty 53.56% win rate. The rushed LoL Patch 10.11 hotfix seems to have worked, at least for now

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