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Yone confirmed as League of Legends new champion


Releasing along with Lillia, Yone will be a solo-lane melee carry similar to his brother Yasuo

League of Legends: Yasuo’s resurrected brother Yone will be making his appearance on the rift alongside Lillia.

Yone’s Spirit Blossom skin splash art was leaked on social media on July 7th.

Credits: streamiebr

A number of leaked audio files linked to the new Spirit Blossom Thresh skin also mentioned Yone.

Credits: SkinSpotlights

What we know about Yone

Unlike Lillia, this is not the first time we have seen Yone. Fans of Legends of Runeterra will have encountered him as a playable card.

Yone is the older brother of Yasuo, who was murdered by Yasuo himself.

Now it seems that he was resurrected from the dead in a deus ex machina fashion to battle it out on the rift.


Credits: Riot Games

So far all Riot has revealed is that Yone will be a “solo-lane melee carry”, with not many details being revealed in their champion roadmap.

Though, we don’t see Riot giving Yone the power of summoning tornadoes and knocking up enemies. We expect there will be some overlap in their kits.

Riot told players to expect two new champs in the “big” summer event. That is set to arrive in Patch 10.15, meaning we should see the two new champs sometime after July 22.

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