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Nexus Blitz returning to League of Legends


New Ionian-themed Nexus Blitz map found in the game files

League of Legends fans who were awaiting the return of Nexus Blitz now have a reason to celebrate.

League of Legends Content Creator & Data Miner SkinSpotlights has revealed a brand new map in the game files.

Credits: @SkinSpotlights

Ziwei, an associate environment artist at Riot has said that she had been working on the map and that many of the assets are still works in progress.

Credits: @zuhway

Nexus Blitz was said to have been arriving in the summer as a part of the Summer Festival Event.

New announcer voice

Credits: SkinSpotlights

There seems to be a new announcer voice-over for the Nexus Blitz game mode.

Fans have noticed that the announcer sounds very alike the League of Legends: Wild Rift’s announcer.

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