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Philippine’s rising League of Legends eSports Team, Liyab Esports fields two new rookies


With nowhere to go but up, Liyab Esports brings on two new rookies for the PCS Summer Split

Credits: Liyab Esports

League of Legends: Liyab Esports, an eSports organization based in the Philippines, has fielded two rookies Ren “Kanji” Motomitsu and Kyle Leird “Dawn” Somera from the Philippines. Liyab will also be importing Kim “Mocha” Taekyeom to play as support.

Ending the PCS (Pacific Championship Series) Spring Split at 9th place, Liyab Esports has promised fans that they will come back stronger.

Credits: PCS Facebook

What is Liyab Esports?

Credits: Liyab Esports

Arguably one of the best League of Legends teams in SEA, winning the 2019 SEA invitational, Liyab Esports.

Formerly known as Mineski, Liyab Esports is a professional eSports team based out of the Philippines.

They are the sole representative of the Philippine’s for the 2020 Pacific Championship Series hosted by FunPlus Esports.

Their impressive roster features some of Philippine’s best League of Legends talents.

Top LanerRen “Kanji” Motomitsu
JunglerEdrian “DoeDoii” Brancia
Mid LanerKim Tae-yeon “Rex”
Bot LanerKyle “Dawn” Leird Somera
SupportKim Tae-gyeom “Mocha”
Current lineup for PCS Summer Split

New Blood

Ren “Kanji” Motomitsu

[TOP] Ren 'Kanji' Motomitsu – Liyab PCS 2020 Summer Split

One of the two rookies debuting for Liyab Esports this coming LoL Pacific Championship Series 2020 Summer Split! Ren “Kanji” Motomitsu will be our top laner in PCS!#PCS2020 #SummerSplit #LYBWIN

Posted by Liyab Esports on Saturday, June 13, 2020

Kanji is the product of the Esports AcadArena in Philipines and was signed by Liyab Esport’s to play in their academy team. He is also an extremely strong solo queue player with several accounts in Top 10 Challenger,

Fans of the PPGL, Philippine Pro Gaming League, will be familiar with Kanji where he played mid in ISC Pro team and BREN Esports.

He will be swapping roles from the Mid lane to replace Kang “Kurd” Yeong-hwan as Liyab Esports Top laner.

Kyle Leird “Dawn” Somera

[ADC] Kyle 'Dawn' Somera – Liyab PCS 2020 Summer Split

Introducing the newest member of Liyab Esports – League of Legends squad, Kyle 'Dawn' Somera! He'll be our starting AD Carry at the LoL Pacific Championship Series 2020 Summer Split!PCS Summer will begins this June 20. Please watch and support us in our games, as we go up against the best teams from Southeast Asia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau.#PCS2020 #SummerSplit #LYBWIN

Posted by Liyab Esports on Sunday, June 14, 2020

Dawn was the former ADC of Wanap who won the Finals of PPGL 2019 against Liyab Esports.

Winning against Liyab in the past, he will be aware of the team’s weaknesses and have the knowledge to fill up a crucial spot as the Bot Laner.

Getting to know the two rookies

I had the opportunity of interviewing the two rookies with the help of Gerald Sobrepena, Liyab Esports’ Marketing, and Player Development Manager.

(The interview has been edited to for content and clarity)

Tell us and the fans more about yourselves

Kanji: Hi I’m Ren “Kanji” Motomitsu, Top laner for Liyab Esports.

Dawn: Hi I’m Dawn, and the current Bottom Laner for Liyab Esports.

What are your most favourite/most comfortable champions

Kanji: My current favourite champions are Camille, Renekton, and Aatrox.

Dawn: I like Aphelios’ playstyle and mechanics.

Questions to Kanji

You were a mid laner in the past, what led to you playing Top lane for Liyab Esports?

Kanji: Originally I was signed in Liyab’s Academy team as a Mid Laner when Coach Cabbage approached me telling me he saw potential in me and wanted me to play in the professional scene as soon as possible.

How was the transition between Mid and Top?

Kanji: Both lanes have very different metas and I had to adapt to the top lane’s playstyle and champion pool. Thankfully with all the support from Coach Cabbage, and Kaigu (Former Top laner for Liyab). With the past 2 to 3 months practicing, I am confident to show the fans my skills.

Who are you most excited to face in lane during the PCS

Kanji: I am most excited to face Hanabi, Talon Esport’s top laner. As he is part of the current champions of PCS spring split and I believe he is an extremely strong top laner. I believe playing against him will be beneficial for my growth.

Do you have any expectations for the upcoming summer split?

I don’t expect us to defeat the top teams immediately but we have been practicing hard as a team since the Spring Split and we are confident that we can hold our own.

Questions to Dawn

Last year you faced off against Liyab Esports, How does it feel to be apart of their team now?

Dawn: I’m grateful and happy that Liyab Esports has accepted me into their team and [I] will do my best.

Joining you in Liyab is Mocha a veteran League of Legends support player. How well are you two getting along?

Dawn: Mocha is a very good player and he has much more experience playing professional League of Legends. We are both trying to improve our synergy despite the language barrier.

How are you adapting to playing professionally?

Dawn: My teammates have been supporting me and giving me advice. In addition to Coach Cabbage and Coach Tgee giving me lessons on the professional meta. I was shocked to learn the differences between solo queue and professional League of Legends.

Who are you most excited to face in lane during the PCS

Dawn: I believe Unified from Talon Esports is a very strong player and I am looking forward to facing him in lane.

I asked Gerald, the Player Development Manager for Liyab Esports, about the short contracts of Kanji and Dawn which end on 16 November 2020.

Gerald: We are signing them for a 6 month contract as due to the global pandemic, We [Liyab Esports] are not sure how to approach 2020 and we would like to keep everything as short as possible. However, this does not indicate we are letting go of Dawn and Kanji.

Finally, I asked about what are the team’s expectations towards the PCS Summer Split.

Gerald: For the summer split, we are realistically looking to improve our placing above fourth/fifth as we have made many changes to our roster and the players have improved a lot since the Spring Split.

We made a lot of changes to our roster this split, and we are still going to do our best and we have set fair expectations. Team Liyab will always try our all to make it to Worlds and make our fellow Filipinos proud.

Team Liyab

Information regarding former ADC Eric “Exosen” Allen Gubatan, support James “Hamezz” Karl Santos, and top laner Jon “Kaigu” Lance Hernandez have not been revealed.

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