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Teamfight Tactics: Hidden OP Sorcerer Gangplank Guide


Try out this underrated and extremely fun comp

Teamfight Tactics: If you’re sick of playing Brawler Blasters, Shredder or any of the meta comps, you should try out this one shot onekill comp!

Disclaimer: We recommend you try out this comp in normals before jumping into ranked.

Example of final board

Early Game

The most important part about playing this comp is staying healthy and reaching level 8 as soon as possible. Thus you have to play the strongest board you have.

Items and First Carousel

Item Priority:

Needlessly Large Rod is the most important followed by B.F Sword, Chain Vest and Tear of the Goddess.

Early Game Boards

Here are some of my favourite early game comps to play:

Star Guardian Sorcerers

Space Pirates Star Guardians

Neeko Star Guardians


This comp requires you to play a strong board and rush levels, here are some basic guidelines

Level on 2-2 and 2-5
Level on 3-2

If you are winstreaking hard then go to 8 on 4-1/4-2, if you are not streaking then go to 8 on 4-5 and roll for GP.

Final Board

Example of final board

A few good items to get are Seraph’s Embrace, Morellonomicon, Spear of Shojin, Chalice of Favor, Demolitionist’s Charge.

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