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TFT Set 3: Galaxies Guide For Success


How to turn your bottom 4 finish into a win

When Riot first released Teamfight Tactics (TFT), most players thought it would just be another casual game mode such as URF or ARAM. TFT has seemingly found a large fanbase of autobattler enthusiasts.

For those who have not played any TFT games before, we recommend you this great beginners guide by Mobalytics.

Credits: Riot Games

Carousel Rounds

For players who are new to the game, they prioritise getting units instead of items in carousel rounds.

We highly recommend that you start prioritising item components instead of grabbing the units you need.

Remember, you can roll for units but items are completely based on luck!


For a second, forget what you know or have learnt about leveling.
These are the two fundamental reasons to level:

  • 1. Having a higher chance to roll high cost units
  • 2. Getting an extra unit slot to complete your synergies.
Take note of the champion tier percentages

Though these aren’t all the reasons for leveling, for players who are not very comfortable with managing economy, it’s safer to stick to the fundamentals.

Set 3: Important Mechanics

Playing your strongest board

With the new changes to Set 3 player damage, taking damage early game can make you lose incredibly quickly.

Thus, it’s important to play your strongest board at all times and treat HP as an important resource.

These comps can help carry you through the early game before you transition into your main synergies.


These 3 cybernetics champions, Leona, Fiora and Lucian are strong units that can hold items for stronger carries such as Kayle and Jinx.

Space Pirates

Darius, Graves are two strong space pirates that are strong and they can bolster your economy!

AP items such as Rabadon’s Deathcap or Ionic Spark on Darius are good. Otherwise, throw on whatever you can make use of.

Guardian Angel, Titan’s Resolve, Infinity Edge just a few items which Darius can hold before you sell him.

Chrono Brawlers

This comp is strong with a 2 starred Caitlyn, Malphite and Blitzcrank. With Malphite and Blitzcrank in the frontlines soaking damage while Caitlyn charges her ultimate.

Vanguard Sorcerers

A 2 starred poppy with good twisted fate items can set you up for a Sorcerer/Void/Star Guardian composition.

We recommend this composition for those who have items such as “Needlessly Large Rod” or “Tear of the Goddess”.

Useful Applications/Links

We recommend these websites/apps to assist your gameplay:

Cheat Sheets:

Credits: u/atDereooo Reddit

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