Another massive ban wave headed for VALORANT cheaters


VALORANT developers may have warned us about a ban wave

VALORANT cheaters might be in for a nasty surprise.

Game director Joe “Hephastopheles” Ziegler took to twitter to let players know that cheating will be met with punishment.

“Our platform team has put in a new system that will be going live soon that will inform players if they have been banned and for what reason,” Ziegler wrote. 

Credits: RiotZiegler

According to Principal Anti-Cheat engineer, Philip Kokinas, 3707 accounts have been permanently banned.

Credits: mirageopenguins

Cheaters will be permanently hardware banned. While many Valorant players argued that this was harsh, developers stated on Twitter that it was meant to be harsh. 

Credits: mirageopenguins

Cheaters banned

Players receive a message when a cheater is permanently banned in-game.

Alternatively, players will be informed in chat when they log in.

Cheaters rampant in APAC region

The Asian-Pacific region is infamously known for using hacks in FPS games.

Perhaps the upcoming ban wave will remove a large number of cheaters from the game.

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