Devs reveal that VALORANT will not have a “pick and ban” system


Fans might not see “tournament draft” added to the game

In the Developer Q&A “Ask VALORANT #2”, Senior Game Designer Trevor Romleski reveals that their “current thinking” is not to have a pick and ban system in VALORANT.

We’ve considered a draft phase for agents, but the current thinking is that we would not have bans.

Adding on he explained “bans often remove a players’ star agent and we want players who are exceptional at certain agents to be able to play them and show off their skills with them

Read below for the rest of the developer Q&A.

Crossplay between Regions will not be allowed

VALORANT developers have confirmed that playing with friends in other regions will be not supported.

ll games of VALORANT must be hosted on a single game server located in a single physical location, so even if we allow someone in Japan to queue up with someone in the UK (for example), one of them has to connect to a game server that’s very, very far away.

Regarding regions like Vietnam and SEA, VALORANT developers have not revealed any information.

Deathmatch will eventually be added to VALORANT

Fans will have to wait awhile longer for deathmatch to be added to VALORANT.

Deathmatch is absolutely a mode that is coming to VALORANT in the future. We don’t have a timetable yet, but it’s something where we’re actively working on the underlying technology as well as designing, iterating, prototyping, and playtesting right now.

With no concrete deadline, we expect deathmatch to hit by the next episode.

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