Valorant’s problematic first-shot inaccuracy


Players have been lamenting Valorant’s first-bullet inaccuracy since the BETA

Members of the community have expressed dislike of Valorant’s standing bullet inaccuracy.

Players are finding that the randomness might be ruining the competitive integrity of the game.

Reddit user u/BlueSpark_2000 shows in this clip that aiming a crosshair squarely to an opponent’s head doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll be a headshot.

“Honestly, I don’t know why first bullet inaccuracy with the vandal is so bad or why it’s even a thing in the game in the first place.”

With the video hitting the front page of the Valorant subreddit, a new wave of discussion about Valorant’s first-shot inaccuracy has emerged.

Riot had addressed this before, with first shot accuracy being affected by “spread”. Spread is a deviation from the centre is a value which handles the randomness of the shot.

Riot has not spoken out on whether they will be doing anything about this game mechanic.

Kenny Ng

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