Twitch Streamer shows off anti-defuse strategy on Viper


Players have found creative ways to use Viper after her patch 1.04 buff

Valorant Twitch streamer and Reddit user AverageJonas showcased a Viper strategy to prevent enemies from defusing the spike on Ascent.

Thanks to the recent buffs to Viper’s kit in patch 1.04, this new strategy is now extremely effective on Viper.

Credits: u/Jnavarsete

“With the recent buffs to Viper’s Decay damage, she can now finally stop someone from defusing the bomb with the Poison Cloud plus Snake Bite combo,”

By planting the Spike behind the green crates on Ascent followed by her poison cloud, the enemy defusing will take decay damage in addition to Snake Bite’s damage.

Patch 1.04 increased the amount enemies decay while in Viper’s poison from 10 to 15.

We predict that Viper mains will be looking for more viable strategies in the upcoming days.

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