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Why Wild Rift will not kill Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


Wild Rift will not be the Mobile Legends “killer” that people make it out to be

Credits: Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

With all the renewed hype from Riot Game Studios’ announcement of the Wild Rift alpha tests, fans of the game have been labeling it as the end of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

This however couldn’t be further from the truth. While Wild Rift is backed by the MOBA giant Riot Games, Mobile Legends has definitely a firm grasp over the SEA market where the majority of it’s players are from.

Here are some key reasons why we think Mobile Legends will do just fine:



Mobile Legends already has a well developed Esports scene and community surrounding their game, with world championships and regular tournaments.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is also among the first games to be included as a medal event at the 2019 Southeast Asian Games.

Wild Rift on the other hand, there are no official announcements about Wild Rift’s esports scene being backed by Riot Games. 

Though, fans can expect to see Wild Rift’s esports scene emerge from their feedback and support.

An interview with a Rioter who works on Wild Rift has displayed their intentions as wanting to see whether the community is passionate and motivated about Wild Rift eSports before making a move.

SEA focused market

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has focused most of its attention on the Southeast Asian market. Primarily, the game has seen immense popularity in Indonesia, Philippines and Malaysia.

With over 75 million active players and the majority being concentrated in Southeast Asia, Wild Rift might struggle to find a foothold in Southeast Asia. 

As a result, Mobile Legends will very likely still be the leading Mobile MOBA for the SEA region.

Device Specs and Requirements

Credits: Riot Games

In emerging markets such as Southeast Asia, one deal breaker for the players here are minimum specs.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has proven itself capable to be run on even the most low end of smartphones.

Though official confirmation of Wild Rift’s minimum specs has yet to be released, Riot Games have stated they’re trying their best to make the game run even on low-spec phones with 1GB of RAM.


Credits: Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang developers have 4 years of experience with balancing and developing a fast paced MOBA on mobile. It is no surprise that they will have the edge over League of Legends: Wild Rift developers.

The extremely fast paced sub 15 minute games Mobile Legends offer is perfect for the casual smartphone players. 

Though Riot Games have over 10 years of experience with developing the worlds’ leading MOBA game on PC. We expect Wild Rift will need some delicate fine tuning to balance all the gameplay mechanics and competitive aspects of the game.

Final Thoughts

League of Legends: Wild Rift will certainly be a very popular game, perhaps even more popular than Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

But, with League of Legends appealing to a more international audience while Mobile Legends have really honed into the SEA market, we don’t see Mobile Legends going away anytime soon.

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