Writing for SEAGamers

SEAGamers is constantly on the look for passionate writers, journalists and experts. We strive to provide a platform for you to publish your work and connect you to our audience.

For those passionate about the gaming ecosystem, esports, content creators, if you are up to the task, this is your chance to be heard!

What content do we write?

We have a variety of content ranging from Guides, Game Updates, Game News, Reviews and more.

As long as it is related to gaming, there is a high chance we will accept it!



For freelance contributors, we are looking for these attributes:

  • Comprehensive fluency of English
  • Knowledge of topic
  • Punctual delivery of work
  • Passionate about the gaming ecosystem


These are some benefits we offer for our contributors:

  • Outbound links to your pages
  • Author page to link your social media
  • Strong SEO backlinks
  • Monetary Compensation


Will I receive compensation for my work?

Yes, SEAGamers operates and maintains itself mainly on advertisement revenue. We compensate all our contributors based on the performance of their articles.

If I’m writing for another publication, can I still post my content here?

For existing articles, we will review your work and deem if it is suitable for cross-posting to SEAGamers.

Can I add to or remove my articles?

At any time, you will be able to edit or remove your articles even if it is already published.

Do I need knowledge of WordPress and SEO?

While knowledge of WordPress and SEO is a plus, we will help you to optimise your articles on your behalf.

For those interested, you can contact us via our email: [email protected]